Deceiving, this sweet golden light

this warm, rich sun

this orange sky

your face aglow like candlelight

we drink it up

we soak it in

the trees that burn

reveal it’s sin

One side ash

The other side gold

For no thing exists

That is not whole

Perfect sunsets drenching skies

Something’s born

Something dies


Another Today


Do you feel Her — Our Country?

She is weeping

She is desperate that we come out of such wasteful dissonance

Our Ignorance

I blame you and you blame me

But we are on the same side again This Evil

All this violence erupting

Volcanic bursts of killing

Have we become a nation of amputees?

There is a fine line between waiting and deteriorating

Between Consideration and Paralysis

Have we be become the goddamn avocados of the world?

Too ripe or too rotten

Can we not call a spade a spade

But leave the spades who are not spades out?

What is so hard about that?

Who lies there, in the corner, covered in blood today?

It is your mother and my mother

It is your friend and my friend

Our Nation

Our Country

Our Earth

Our Selves

We cry out in reverberating wails of frustration and sadness and anger

But Know This:

Evil does not only not listen, It thrives on our painful confusion

And so I might remind you now —

Jesus came with a sword

The good warrior knows when to retreat and when to draw

Differentiation is key

You are not the Evil

So listen with me

Let us act in consciousness, together

Let us be These United States

Or tomorrow will just be

Another Today

— KH




Back to Life


Can’t believe I feel it now

I feel it now

This was the fire, missing

Lit up from the inside-out

Barely alive

Graying embers curling into smokey ashes

Flames dying

Can’t believe It found me now

What I sought in others

Found in myself

Outside in, and inside out

Stoked the burning pieces back to life

High, high, racing wild

Caught on fire

Fierce and bright

Can’t believe I feel It now

Something barely gasping breath

Brought back into life

Somewhere in me flames are dying

Somewhere else they’re brought to







I can handle emotions, explosions

Such commotion in motion

From the unconscious ocean

You tried to drown me when you found me on the shores of Devotion

A catalyst for The Analyst who lives in this skin

while Sirens beckoned so sweetly

“Come back in, come back in…”

Melodic voices drenched wretched with sin

You bound my wrists and my eyes

Plugged my ears

Threw me in

But when you learned to slither, friend…

I learned to swim

You thought me lost

The Sacrified lamb

But I’d gone to hell — got acquainted with Hades

Befriended the devils

And that lamb?

Oh so tasty

Still don’t know it’s name was

But it sure wasn’t ‘Katie’

The Time has arisen, I’m out of my prison

Hell made me Whole

Clear is my vision

The Sirens may call but my ears do not listen

No infection in my direction

From dismembered dissection

Put myself back together

In perfect imperfection

I call myself servant

Head down and gaze in

The one Call I answer?

The Call from Within






I don’t know why you affect me like you do

Can’t even write yet without sobbing about you

Had three of my best friends reach out to me

Told me of your passing because they knew

They knew how I loved you

How can it be

That someone we don’t even know personally

Affects us so deeply

Touches such Humanity

That place in us all where we feel Divinity

And we felt yours

Not just the other day

When the car burst into flames

When the joy ride of your life

Took you away

No not just then

Your life was felt while you were here!

Could there be anything that matters more

Presence being felt

Just knowing you were Here meant something to me

And I only understand that from the sharp realization

That now you’re gone

I was out buying a curtain rod

Looked down at the text I got

“Paul Walker died.”

Felt my heart drop

It wasn’t about your fame or your beauty

But the light that shone through

Your humility and honesty

And blue-eyed speaking truth

And that smile

Oh that smile

That when you graced us with it

Everything else melted away

I promise I will carry it within me

Even as I ache

There will never be another smile


The same.






One more

A symbol

What darkness within

That you fought silently, privately

Trudging through

No addict, like me, will ever judge you

The ones who have No Experience

Walking razor’s edge

Will toss out opinions

Sharp and hurtful

Empty of meaning

Ignorance and judgment in place of feeling

They won’t ever understand

They will just blame

But you and I, my friend,

We are the same

It is only a choice


Not everyone will get that line.

But those of you who do –

Well, this one’s for you

I whisper now

My desk to your grave —

I know how you fought

I know you were brave

We don’t always win the game that you played

(Though I know very well that this was no game)

Your Soul up for grabs

As the demons, they raged

A light went out

Like they do every day

But that don’t mean that Life isn’t changed

The Warfare of the Psyche

Is no fucking game

Those who don’t know it intimately

Ought just give their Thanks

I honor you, friend

Your Death no place for shame

The fight that you fought…

You and me


The same.

Wisdom Lives

In the distance

A warrior cries

A girl breathes out

A Sage has died

Something Deep’s been brought to life

Unconscious things direct the wise

‘Til Truth reveals Age-Old lies

The Wise then question their label of “wise”

The girl mourns and sighs,

How can I ever trust The Whys?

When their Answers are hidden in such plain sight

And wearing such a believable Disguise…


In the distance

A warrior cries

She hears the voice

She knows Inside

Something dead is now alive

A treasure Unearthed from a far-away place

A taste of dark, generational waste

That lived in her while Life she faced

Unknowing that this poisonous Slice

Wound up her soul like ivy vines

From her very First Cry

To her first breath in

Unintentional Parental Sin


In the distance

A warrior cries

The girl breathes out

A Sage has died

Something Deep’s been brought to life

The girl breathes in —

Alive again

A Sage reborn

Wisdom lives.



Lovers Lane

Well you were just a memory:

A fallen leaf off a winter’s tree.

And so I left you – blatantly —

There on the cold, barren street.

I found no more You for me –

A once-green leaf now brown and weak;

A final teardrop etched down your cheek –

Brittle, dying – you chose to sleep!

Became the shriveled leaf in that cursed street.

If only I could have changed your mind,

Why, I would have made it so!

I ache to think how you gave in,

How your cracks began to show.

Then…Nothing More was left of you…

So Winter made it snow.

I could not mourn that haunted night

Nor those that passed by after.

I stayed frozen (to the snow’s delight) –

Feared the memory of your laughter.

But the snow did melt, ‘course the leaf was gone…

No trace You ever existed.

In its place the sweetest pain –

The pain I had resisted.

I welcomed Her now,

Wretched heaviness came —

From Winter’s numb to Springtime rain;

Perhaps with time, my love will fade…

My hope for an ever-after.

Now you are just a memory:

A fallen leaf off a winter’s tree

It was you who left me – blatantly —

There on the cold, barren street.

What Cannot Be Understood

Who are we to take the seat of Judge

When the Universe itself does not?

Who are we to cut down our own highest ideals

By ripping apart the beliefs and values of our fellows?

The Circle of Life does not start at birth and end at death.

For a circle, if you will recall, has no points at all.

Our limited human view makes us pick a moment on the wheel:

We call it Birth;

We call it Beginning.

We break down the unimaginable, the unknowable,

The Mysterious –

Into small, digestible, human fragments of False Wisdom

That claim we can know something which we –

Quite simply,


Consciousness gives us only so much.

Science, Psychology –

Gifts that offer brief flashes of Knowing.

And for these we are grateful.

But we must not mistake gratitude as some Fixed Truth.

All That Is,

Outside of those knowable points –

Is The Unconscious.

It is The Great Awe that is





And so, we may seek to Know

But may we remember, on our journey,

To lay down our judgements of ourselves.

This first.

And in ending that internal war,

We will find peace with our neighbor –

And Freedom instead of Fear

In the beautiful, dark Arms of

What Cannot Be