Back to Life


Can’t believe I feel it now

I feel it now

This was the fire, missing

Lit up from the inside-out

Barely alive

Graying embers curling into smokey ashes

Flames dying

Can’t believe It found me now

What I sought in others

Found in myself

Outside in, and inside out

Stoked the burning pieces back to life

High, high, racing wild

Caught on fire

Fierce and bright

Can’t believe I feel It now

Something barely gasping breath

Brought back into life

Somewhere in me flames are dying

Somewhere else they’re brought to




The Mother Within


The Great Shift came


I’d been waiting and waiting

So many days in so many lives

To finally see

This Softer side

She came to me


Together we wept for The Child That Was

She promised she would not leave

She would take care of me

I still see the little girl

Standing at the front door with the stained-glass

In the too-short white dress

That grandma made

Holding a gift in her hands

With a huge, excited smile on her face

Eyes squeezed in glee

Shaped like little, happy crescent moons

I will be the one she needs

I will be the Empathetic Listener

Guide her, help her, love her


The Great Shift came

And I….

Became a mother.