A poem, from Aria to you….

Open your open eyes.

You say they are open,

But I say,

Try again.

Do the star-shaped leaves made golden by the sun

Glow and dance for you?

Do you feel the welcoming breath of the honeysuckle bushes

Wash over your body, warming it from the inside out

As they shout joyously to you —

– Yes! To you!

“Child! You. Are. Home.

Then open those open eyes.

Does the perfection and power of the

Glorious rose command your attention

In the middle of your hurried walk to your

Important destination?


You will never be so glad to follow an order.

Ignoring Her is your greatest loss.

So, are you?

Are you drawn to her silky petals?

Do you let them graze your cheek for the softest kiss

And inhale Her Truth

Offered to you for free (!)

With your deepest, humblest breath?

Honor her and she returns the favor.

Do you see your own soul everywhere you look?

Then open those open eyes!