What Cannot Be Understood

Who are we to take the seat of Judge

When the Universe itself does not?

Who are we to cut down our own highest ideals

By ripping apart the beliefs and values of our fellows?

The Circle of Life does not start at birth and end at death.

For a circle, if you will recall, has no points at all.

Our limited human view makes us pick a moment on the wheel:

We call it Birth;

We call it Beginning.

We break down the unimaginable, the unknowable,

The Mysterious –

Into small, digestible, human fragments of False Wisdom

That claim we can know something which we –

Quite simply,


Consciousness gives us only so much.

Science, Psychology –

Gifts that offer brief flashes of Knowing.

And for these we are grateful.

But we must not mistake gratitude as some Fixed Truth.

All That Is,

Outside of those knowable points –

Is The Unconscious.

It is The Great Awe that is





And so, we may seek to Know

But may we remember, on our journey,

To lay down our judgements of ourselves.

This first.

And in ending that internal war,

We will find peace with our neighbor –

And Freedom instead of Fear

In the beautiful, dark Arms of

What Cannot Be



One thought on “What Cannot Be Understood

  1. Your opening question is so true: The Universe loves a hurricane as much as a waterfall. To the Universe there is no difference between a flaming sunset and a blazing forest fire. It is we who judge and call things good or bad.

    Why? As always, you have made me think.

    I can say with no doubt that your statement is true: On our journey we can seek to know but we must lay down our judgments of ourselves. This first. Somehow this nugget of truth seems to be at the core of a good life. And isn’t it interesting how “the church” (whichever church) has exactly the opposite at its core: Always judging oneself, and usually finding oneself wanting.

    Much to think about.

    Profound thoughts, Katie. Thank you.

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