One Last Time..

Just one last time…

I promise it will be the very last time.

Just this once and then I’ll stop.

What’s the harm in one last time?

Done it thousands of times before.

Really what’s the harm in just one more?

If I’m gonna have to stop forever.

If the rest of my days I’ll live without!

If the Just One More is replaced with Never…

Then what is all the fuss about?

Tomorrow is a new beginning.

Tomorrow is the day I’ll start.

So tonight I’d better do it up,

Fill myself with toxic art –

The kind that makes the artist feel…

Without producing any art.

A gift, disgraced.

Heads shake, “A waste.”

You must have been in so much pain.

Remember that song you sung?

The one about The Greatest Love?

A shame you never really heard the words you sung.

Because you were worthy of every one.

Just like everyone.

And I bet you said,

“One last time,” tonight.

Just one last time.

I promise it will be the very last time.

And it is sad –

How you were


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