Black Tar Tears


black tar tears

muddy evidence

of failed heroic attempts

veins straining against forehead skin

enraged, entrapped by the war within

black tar tears

thick, sticky evidence of rolling that fucking stone up the mountain

again and again

watching it just roll back down

just roll back down

the other voice is winning today

the one that say






you stupid



and I don’t have it in me to correct him

this murderous rage stabs at me

I see how the terrorist lives within

helpless and violent

do I matter at all

to anyone

am I destined to be alone


no one hears me

look —

even the tar

is gone

Winged Victory of Samothrace

When I saw her, and before I knew her name,

I had one thought —


She, with her wings spread wide

An angel welcoming the sun as a lover

Heart so open, so strong

I imagine her head thrown back,

her body filled with a light

no darkness

could ever



Oh! It strikes me silent.

No. I cannot speak.

Wonder – almost-violent.

Awe – an Awe-some thing.

Instills a kind of Lifted Pause:

I breathe but I am not breathing.

Defying Reason’s silly laws,

Leaving Logic seething.

And so I am like Alice

In this Wonder land –

Been drinking from the chalice

Held in Goddess hands.

And Oh! It strikes me silent.

And no, I cannot speak.

Awake, at last, from slumber

Gone – unconscious sleep.