White light vibrating energy moving through me

In waves and spades

As sunshine parades through my soul

It may be

That I may be whole.

I followed It last night

I didn’t fight

I drew instead so It revealed

Who It was, in symbols

My respect, my surrender

My willingness to give in!

And say, “I don’t know …

But show me.”

And, oh, It showed me in those symbols

As cymbals played in my head

And every other kind of instrument;

In Aliveness gyrating in my skin

Could not even consider sleep

Nor did I need a place to rest my head

“Awake! Awake! Awake!” It said,

“It’s time to Live and grow in ways

You can’t imagine


I come to tell you that you have reached the place —

The very one —

That reaches still another one.”

And I felt no regret at this!

But only gentle tenderness

Feathers whisking up my skin

As if to say “Alive again!”

The night before, something died.

Now something New




Oh! It strikes me silent.

No. I cannot speak.

Wonder – almost-violent.

Awe – an Awe-some thing.

Instills a kind of Lifted Pause:

I breathe but I am not breathing.

Defying Reason’s silly laws,

Leaving Logic seething.

And so I am like Alice

In this Wonder land –

Been drinking from the chalice

Held in Goddess hands.

And Oh! It strikes me silent.

And no, I cannot speak.

Awake, at last, from slumber

Gone – unconscious sleep.