Draft Pick

Yesterday, an anxious fit threw me

silk sheets wrapped their burgundy curls around my limbs

pinning me down in my own twisted, sweaty haste

to get away

What a sad-funny thing to think we can run from ourselves

How many times do you wage war on the inside?

Some lose days

Some lose years

I’ve lost both before but in my bones I know

the worthiest of battles

are on this battlefield of Soul

So when I lose

I wake again and start anew

Today, I threw an anxious fit away

each step I took with wisened foot

Lessons learned

I feel my worth

Wars are won on how we greet our losses

If we were picking teams

Would you choose yourself?

‘Cause I’d sure as hell choose






You Tell Me


I sit in my castle

waiting like a fool

Such a strange-familiar ache

To try and hold all Truths at once

breeds either unity or paralysis

But I am not unified

I have trapped myself here

It is not an evil witch who keeps me

Or some hoped-for Prince

But all the raging parts of my Self fighting this Great Fight

On the battlefield of my soul

I am sore

And tired

There is no one winning

I look so still in my castle

One might think me calm

But The All storms within me

each thing fighting the other equally

Heroes and Nemeses

matched up too perfectly

Am I holding the tension

Or just fucking


Maybe you could tell me…