You and I



We’re not so different

You and I…

All these goals and dreams

We’re not so different

You and I

Some days our Sirens scream

The struggling, the striving

The overactive mind



Depression and the like

Begrudgingly we take a pill

Or emphatically refuse

Some days our hearts eat up the hate

But other days

They lose

We’re not so different

You and I

This fabric of our fears

Woven with a matching cloth

With wounded matching tears

We all insist so fervently

What’s wrong with This or That

Throwing stones at those who wear

Our own ever-changing hats

I, for one, I must admit

I am a humble hypocrite

But hope one day to try that hat

Say, it no longer fits

You cannot make me like you

Nor I make you like me

But God knows we try like children do

Force incessantly

Wonder who first had the thought

We all must be The Same

Wonder why we’re still playing

That stale, soul-crushing game

Inevitably the boomerang returns herself to Truth

And then our Pointing Fingers

Only make us Fools

Hero meets the Villain now

They make a brotherhood

The mirror sheds a brand new light

The way a mirror should

So let me gaze into your eyes

You’ll gaze into mine

Not so different after all

So different

You and I


3 thoughts on “You and I

  1. I’m sure that most of your writings are profound, Katie, although many of them I have to admit are beyond my ken. This one, though, I really got, and it hit home. I don’t know how you do it, probably because I find writing “poetry” or whatever term your writings have to be more difficult than writing a term paper. Just thinking about it is icky (that go-to word). You have to have a real talent and flair for writing the things that you do. Are you in the process — or have you looked into — getting published? If I never told you before, I really like your website, too.

    • Thank you so much Chris. I really appreciate the compliment and I’m glad this spoke to you. 🙂 I’ve been published in LAYOGA magazine. I keep meaning to submit to more places — perhaps I will actually do it now.

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