Riding The Dragon

I am learning beyond learning

Is there such a thing?


Oh yes

Who knew the rabbit hole

Went as Deep as This?

And somewhere in my soul

I know

The Shallow of this depth

I’ve come so incredibly far

Gone further than the Great Abyss

Passed through Hell and back again

But still I know

There’s so much more than even This

A realization that borders on both

Agony and Bliss

How can it be

That going down

And in

And through

All This

Can lead back to such a tenderness

Such wonder-ness

Such awesome ness

And yet right there on the razor’s edge

Standing at the ice-pick ledge

Darkness and Insanity

Staring, bearing into me

But I have learned beyond the learning

I look right in the Black

For what have I to fear, my dears

When I’ve been to hell and back

When I’ve even travelled past!

It cannot shake me now my dears

I’m Mastering my Black

I sit right down at razor’s edge…

And have a little snack.


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