I am opened

I can See

Revelations aren’t mere fascinations to me

Oh sweetest of all symphonies

I hear your voice sing to me in melodies unparalleled

Held in a Heart that is ours

There is no procrastination

Or destination

Time deconstructed

“Vacation” is the true state of our nation

If only we would give it our attention

In each moment

Do you get it

It is not merely about elation

Or some kind of Light-Only Spiritualization

But complete connection to What Is Now –

The Way

The Tao

Stop your desperate searching for inspiration

Give to yourself your own imagination

Manifestation only one element

Of All that Is

We could never Live

In only Light

The fight is the Matrix

Takes us out of the flow

Accept them both – the ebb, the flow

And begin to Know

The truth of your Soul

That One is always Two ‘til there’s complete integration

Which then  — exclamation! – creates

The Whole.

From The Other Side…

I keep seeing these “Live in the Light”

“Let’s Get Back to the Garden of Eden”

“Love is the only thing there is”


This One-sided way of living in the world

Is Everywhere.

And I get it. I do.

Very few want to Face Our Stuff.

But here’s the thing about the Shadow:

Ignore It and It will choose you.

When will we understand that Life is Whole?

If we “Live only in the Light”, do we not Cast Out all the beauty in Darkness?:

The rich, fertile soil from which emerges the Commanding Rose?

The comforting depth of the shielded womb?

A pitch black midnight sky paired with the kind of breeze that empowers the Soul?

The emotional suffering which can lead us to Rebirth while alive?

And if we cast out All Those Things which Grow – which begin! – in Darkness…

Do we not also cast out Light?

“Getting back to the Garden of Eden” is a wish to go back to


The Apple of Knowledge never eaten, the “Paradise” of Unconsciousness.

Our desire for unconsciousness can be seen in all of our shadow behaviors –

Overeating, over-drinking, smoking, cheating…

The spiritual addiction of “Chasing the Light” –

By Refusing Shadow…we create more of it.

It seems to me we must live fully in All that is


Yes, revel in Life! In Joy! In Beauty!

But do not forget where these are born.

And as the heart may soar with Happiness, so must we also

Dig our hands through the dirt and pain and gunk of life

Drawing up the dark, moist clay

That makes Creation