Brick Walls


I’ve been in love with brick walls

Most of my life

Not sure why

Those sturdy stones, beautiful and strong

Built to last

And red

But I mistook the wall for something so much more

than it was

My hands crumble to dust in front of me

I stare at my own abandonment

When did I leave myself

How did I imagine this could love me back

My legs buckle underneath

Turn from bone and flesh and fat

to smoke

There is only brick and cement in front of me

Bouncing my thoughts back into my own head

No arms or legs —

I’ve become the brick

That makes up the wall

That gives nothing to me

Nothing at all

I lie in the gravel street

and hope someone takes me

and builds me into something great

Since I could not

Since I got so lost

On my way home

2 thoughts on “Brick Walls

  1. Wow, Katie, what a penetrating poem. Your words took me off-guard! Your work drew out such deep emotion in me, my tears again, my tightened throat, my clenching jaw… Clearly, I have some energy on this one! Thank you so much for your piercing expressions.

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