An Invitation


Come to me with your broken pieces

I have a special kind of glue

I can only use it on one person

I have chosen you

Come to me with your broken wings

I’ve got an extra pair

Been saving them since 17

‘Case you ever came back here

Come to me with your bitter rage

There’s an elixir that I’ve mixed

Made from truth and bond and love

Free of traps and tricks

Come to me, if you will

I won’t ever force your hand

It’s merely an invitation, love

Never a command

I wait for you to realize what I have always known

I loved you then and now and always

Been forever yours, alone

I hang here in the balance

In the darkness of lost years

My palm is open, wondering

If you’ll master all your fears…



3 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Oh Katie,

    You’ve been so wonderfully prolific in sharing this weekend, and perhaps crafting, too. What a journey of exploration into some deep regions of your psyche, so vulnerable, so beautiful, so brave.


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