A Soul I Know


Why bring things back around like this

It happens rarely


A billion different ways life goes

And you came back to me

My heart so full, no room for speech

In fact, I think I cried for you

Sitting there across from me

A soul I know

A soul I don’t


I see your eyes reach for me while

Your hands keep me away

Could it be this serendipity’s

Just a torturous trick of fate?

They say love is all around us

But what good would that be

If you cannot untrap your soul

Let it reside with me?

I simply go on living

For what else is there to do

Store away my Depth of Feeling

It lived for only you

What Cruel Thing would bring us back together

But never let us manifest?

I won’t let myself believe it yet

Would be too much to bear

Would snatch the last shred of hope I have

And throw it in the fire

Go ahead...tell me...

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