It Scares Me, Too



Will the blood drain out of you

Will you run dry, freeze

Turn blue?


Why does It scare you so?

Reality a million different things

So take One Genuine Moment

Let the mask you wear fall off your face and smash into jagged pieces

Leave them there on the floor shouting after you as you walk away

Today you can be Great

Watch your tightened fist release

Drop the Preconceived

Stop your wiggling, restless fingers from their insanity —

Perpetuating ideas of control you once bought into

Cementing your self-fulfilling prophecy

No more

See your Expectations vanish back into the world of illusion

Step fully into the richness of This Moment

The one you feared

Why does it scare you so?

The ebb and flow

You know by now life is this and it is that


Give me Authenticity

Give that to me and nothing else

I will drink in your pain, your joy

You ugliness or laughter

But let it be the truth of what is in you

Authentic together — we will know Divine Presence

Which has to do only with

The very breath you ride at this moment


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