This is the last ditch

The one I never wanted to show you

Or have to use

But you refuse to hear me

So I must turn on you


I will consume you

Regenerate you through death

Since there seems to be no listening

No, there’s nothing left

This is the very last ditch

One dug inch by painful inch

Screaming out from your gut

Oh Great Intuitive

Who says she Sees but is blinded by

The sickness of her damaged mind

Who will die before it surrenders

Ah and yes

How it will die

The ditch I dig is 8 feet deep

But the time it takes to get nestled in

Will come in waves of searing pain

Of blinding hellish suffering

I did not wish this fate on us!

For what I do to you

Is done to me too

For I am Bound by you

I am bound by you!

Useless piece of rotting flesh!

Deaf beyond all kinds of Deaf!

I hate you for making us suffer this!

But we must pay

I will make us pay

Your betrayal will look like child’s play

When finally the gift of Death

Is bestowed upon your name

And they’ll all cry and say kind things

But you will know our deepest truth –

You wasted me.

You wasted me.

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