No More Easy

There is no more Easy

I have gone way, way…

Way too far in

I have Seen Things most won’t ever See

I have taken flight on hellish wings

Clasped hands with dead visionaries

While friends from this 2013

Somehow don’t seem as real to me

Life will never again be “Fun”

In the way the Unencumbered use the term

Fun like carefree

Fun like light

No, The Work comes with it a weighted plight

The kind that can’t just breeze by anymore

The kind that’s tethered to Something More

A bigger fate, behind the scenes

We carry the cross

For Others’ dreams

And know, as we tread the weathered road

There is no more


4 thoughts on “No More Easy

  1. I liked it. To me it is kind of uplifting. It made ME feel like a necessary item. Some might not like the “life isn’t fun” but then they are not ready for life as an adult. A child expects life to be fun but an adult knows life is much more than just the fun part and because of that experiences life in a fuller and deeper way. thanks moooom

  2. Another rather profound piece, Katie. I’m just wondering if everything you write has you in it. Or maybe I should have asked if it’s you completely, or is just some of it you?

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