I’m not sure what it means

This endless stream of dreams

Coming out of me

Overflowing in heaps and waves

Someone forgot to turn off the faucet in the tub

Flooding, splashing, spilling


It is everywhere

This perfect mess of Everything-Ness

Where can I put it all

I seem to try

Try again and stall

As this back-up comes rushing

Flushing through this creaky dam

Of a human body that is me

Fingers flow, I type

Let it out



But where can I start to package it up?

Like those hamburger buns in that one dream – where

It was about to rain on them and there were so many

And I had to contain them in plastic bags

But did not know where to begin?

There is just so much,

So very much.

Then someone, abruptly,

Turns the faucet off.

And now there is nothing, nothing at all.

And that sure as hell won’t work either.