You Know


You Know.

You say you don’t.

But I know

You Know.

It is high time,


To be The Wise.

After so many tries

You say the same thing –

And it is getting old.

Because we both know

That you Know.

Deep down in that

Beautiful Soul

Is the Knowing

Behind the I-don’t-know;

A Fine Mind gets twisted

And lost sometimes…

Inflated by it’s own, sexy


Like it’s got it all down pat

But we, well…

We Know better than That.

The seeds down in the seat of the soul

Burn as eternal embers,

As forever-regrowth;

An entire forest ready to grow!

If only you would stop saying

I don’t know.

Dive further, yes even further

To touch that living, breathing coal

The one that says,

“I do Know.”

It will never leave you

Or deceive you.

That intangible thing that Dickenson


“Perches and sings”

Is infallible and Divine.

It is time you claimed it and said

“I make It mine.”



3 thoughts on “You Know

  1. Why are we so quick to put our trust in others — doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs? Popes, teachers, priests? It’s not that they don’t have expertise to offer us. Or that we cannot learn from them. But can it be that the more I give power to others, the less I feel it within my self? The more I trust in authority figures, the less I trust in my own authority? Authority . . . authentic . . . Does that make me less authentically who I am? It sometimes feels that way to me.

    As always, Katie, you make me think.

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